999 $

  Plane:  Desert Camel Safari Trip
  Number of Days: 10 days

safari Details
Day Number Description
Day 1

Breakfast then we will rid to El- Qasr Village, Dail El- Hosan (Hors Tail) then to El- Mezainic, then we rid to The Black Desert, Om El- Afae Sand Dunes, dinner ,Overnight Camp.

Day 2

Breakfast then we rid to El- Haez small Bedouin village, then we rid to Tal Amon, to Beer Ibrahim where we have lunch, then we rid towards The Crystal Mountain, Dinner.Overnight Camp.

Day 3

 Arrive at Crystal Mountain, lunch then we towards El- Agabat Area where we have dinner.

Overnight Camp.
Day 4

Breakfast, and we leave Beer Badry going to Bedouin Village where we have lunch and them we go to The Sand Dunes where we have dinner. Overnight camp.

Day 5

Breakfast, and we head to Khamaan (A special Color Desert), dinner, there beside the cold spring then we move towards El- Selem.                                      Overnight Camp.

Day 6

Arrive at Old White Desert, visit The Old A Kasia Tree, Wadi El- Khaim, Ice cream, and then we head towards The New White Desert where we camp. Overnight Camp.

Day 7

Breakfast and we go to El- Sheikh Abd Aallah Mountain we stop at El- Agabat road for dinner. Overnight Camp at El- Agabat.

Day 8

Breakfast and we tour El- Agabat where the Sand dunes are, lunch, and we going to The Valley, dinner.Overnight Camp.

Day 9

Breakfast and we head to Ein Khadra where we have lunch then we going to The New White Desert, dinner.Overnight Camp.

Day 10

Breakfast and then heading towards "El- Khaim" then go to The Old White Desert to see (Mushroom, Hours, Ice cream, chicken) then return to hotel.Overnight hotel.