Lake Nasser


 In the 1960 a dam was built on the Nile at Aswan, the resulting lake Nasser has flooded over 6,200 square kilometers of the Nile Valley, creating one of the largest man made lakes in Africa. The fish population of the original river was presented with a huge lake to live and have thrived in their new habitat, specially the tilapia and their predators, Nile Perch, tiger fish and the big catfish.

 Lake Nasser has the best Nile Perch fishing in the world, aside from terrific angling, the lake is a lovely place to visit. It's a magical wilderness of stunning desert scenery, bordered by the clean water of the lake, which is dotted with rocky islands, there is an atmosphere of tranquility, vastness and adventure; a wilderness where anglers literally have hundreds of square miles to themselves.

 A fishing safari on Lake Nasser is as close to the real meaning of the world safari as you are likely to find – a style of mobile camping that combines comfort with the incredible experience of being out of the real wildness.

The weather is nearly always sunny and bright, the local residents are Bedouin camel and sheep herdsmen who are occasionally seen grazing their flocks on the sparse vegetation at the edge of the lake.

 Most anglers who visit the lake Nasser for the first time will catch the biggest fresh water fish of their life.

Most Camps are located on clear sandy beaches and where ever possible close to shore fishing area. At Night in camp under the desert star, one hears all sorts of sounds frogs, crickets, owl ……etc.

The Area we fish are extremely remote and you will be completely cut off from all civilization.  

There are more than 100 species of birds have been recorded, in most areas there are crocodile and monitor lizards, other types of wild life.

 Best time of fishing


Season A:  From February to end of July

From approximately mid March through to the end of July the Nile perch are found in Shallow water.

Season B: From Mid October until end of January.

The lake is at its highest level and the Nile perch are found in deeper water. If u want to capture the big fish then season b is your best bet .season A will provide you with more action and fun but the average size of the fish capture lends to be Similar.

 + please take into consideration that the months of April & May – October & November re very high season and are often booked up will in advance .

Safari Start point

 We start our safari from either the high dame at Aswan or from Garf Hossein witch is 160 kilometers south of Aswan. Safari that start from Aswan involve a fifteen- minute bus ride from Either Aswan airport (or hotel) to the high dam where we meet the boats. We normally travel, in the fishing boat, for two or three hours to reach the best fishing areas and then start the safari.

Garf Hussein is on the west bank of the lake Nasser and about 11/2 hour road journey from Aswan.

Time spent trolling

Your Nubian guide is expected to troll for at least 8 hours a day. The main reason for a eight hour trolling limit is that it is hot and tiring work trolling under the desert sun; anther reason is the fuel supply. We have reserves but have to be careful, as there is no fuel available on the lake.

Shore Hazards


Loose, fragile rocks pose the greatest personal hazard on Lake Nasser,  as a matter of precaution always wear shoes and always look where you re walking, take care when shore fishing and wear shoes with a Grip .

 It is always advisable to go shore fishing with another person if u are going out of sight of camp. Don't swim while you are shore fishing. There is a slight risk of crocodiles that might not have been scared off by your quiet approach.


-         Lake Nasser area has been a desert for thousands of years , which mean there is no  wild life

-         The scorpions found at the Egyptian desert are not fatal but their string is very painful. They live under rocks by day coming out by night. As a precaution always wear shoes at night and if you put any thing down on the ground always pick it up carefully. Never leave open bags on the shore at night .

-           There are snakes in the desert, if you see a snake don't panic, instead calmly back a way slowly and let it go on its way.

 Fishing area

 The area we fish are extremely remote and you will be completely cut from all civilization.                                    

Boat safari


A boat safari is similar to the old style African safari where cross country vehicles are used for game viewing and traveling and are supported by a large truck carring the camping equipment. Each boat is fitted with a long-rang fuel tanks. A 12v lighting system, a fish finder, scales up to 200Ib and plenty of storage area for your equipment. The bow deck and stern decks provide ideal casting platform and there is an all around deck in case a quick maneuver is needed when a big fish takes a dive under the boat.

Each boat has on board sleeping facilities with two dunks that have full size single mattress. At night the cabin can enclosed by canavas , providing a cozy sheltered sleeping area

-         Each boat is fitted with a fish finder and weighting scales up to 220LB

  ship (supply boat)


  Mother ships are an essential component of a well organized safari is fitted with a toilet & shower, built in kitchen, large Ice box

Enable comfortable camps to be set up to close to the best fishing area.

Steals boat

 Steals boat provide anglers with an alternative fishing platform to fish areas quietly and efficiently.


                                                 Day Fishing

 You can come on a day fishing trip on any day of the year From 08.00AM to 4.30 PM

Cost per person per day:

1 Person

£ 140

2 Persons

£  90

3 Persons

£  75

4 Persons

£  65

  Nile Perch

Nile Perch are the largest freshwater fish in the world, researches shows that the Nile  perch have a better chance of reaching record sizes in lakes than river system.

 Tiger Fish


 Tiger fish abound in the lake. And the several species the most common is Hydrocynus forskalli that can grow to 16 Lb.

The size and strength of a Nile perch is one thing but for sheer sport on light tackle a tiger takes a lot of beating. A tiger can leap clear of the water and throw your hook, break wire trace, rattle swivels to bits, and generally wreak havoc on tackle.

Cat fish


 There are 18 species of catfish in the lake of which two are of interest vendu and Bagrus. Cat fish can be caught whilst trolling but you have the much better chance ledgering for them at the night with bead bait.

Catfish forage along the shoreline looking for food that has been washed up on the beach. When using dead bait at night only cast the bait 2 to 3 meters from the shoreline don't cast out into deep water.  


What to Bring

-         we need  a clear photocopy of the information pages of your passport .these passport copies must reach us at least three weeks before you travel otherwise we might not be able to get your permission to visit lake Nasser .

-         Government fishing permits and taxes are included in the price of the safari.

-         During the summer months light cotton clothing is advisable and a cap or sun hat is necessary. bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for the cooler evening

-         Get sun block

-         In the winter months you will need a warm jersey along with a good windproof coat for the evenings.

-         Good footwear is important , specially for shore fishing

-         You will need rubber or similar soles for gripping on rocks

-         Get shoes with sides high enough to protect your ankles.

-         Sunglass

-         Sleeping bag (we will provide you with a freshly laundered sleeping bag sheet, blankets and a billow with a fresh pillow case. some anglers prefer to bring their own sleeping bag.

-         Insect repellent

-         Basic first Aid Kit  ( there is a basic first Aid box in your fishing boat and the supply boat carries a more extensive first Aid box )

-         Torch and spare batteries

-         Plastic bags to protect you camera from Dust.